Are the British People Becoming Less Charitable? (2013), by Sean Gabb

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Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, speaking on BBC Radio West Midlands on the 25th July 2013. Oxfam claims that its Syrian appeal is undersubscribed. Sean Gabb comments as follows:

1. The problem is less with the meanness of the British public than with Oxfam.

2. Oxfam receives between a quarter and a third of its budget from the taxpayers. Much of its budget is spent on highly political campaigns about climate change and in favour of socialist economic policies. Its chief executive is paid a six-figure salary.

3. No wonder fewer people are giving to such an organisation. The world might be a better place if no one ever gave to it.

Further Note

In 2010, Oxfam, Registered Charity no.202918, had a budget of £318m. According to the Fake Charities website,

Oxfam’s latest accounts are for the 11 months to March 31, 2010. In the reported income from government they include income from other organisations, such as other members of Oxfam International, so the total here is less than the total in their accounts. The biggest identified government sources include the Department for International Development (DFID):

  • European Union: £42.5 million
  • United Nations: £13.4 million
  • Non-UK governments: £16 million
  • UK Government (mostly DFID): £11.9 million
  • Total: £83.8 (26% of all income)