The Most Dangerous Man in the World and How to Stop Him (2013), by David Wiggens

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The Most Dangerous Man in the World
and How to Stop Him
Published on the LA Blog, 7th July 2013
by David Wiggins

The most dangerous man alive is not the President or a terrorist. He is not thought of as a mass murderer, and he is not a Premier or a military dictator. The often referenced Adolf Hitler was only known to have killed one person, and that person was himself. Osama Bin Laden did not kill anyone. Stalin did not kill anyone. Pol Pot did not kill anyone. This is not to say that these were good men. They were not. They were sociopathic monsters. But they were impotent without the help of the most dangerous man alive. They were probably, of their own accord, cowards.

The most dangerous man alive killed all the Jews who died during the holocaust. He was the one who killed all the innocent civilians on both sides of World War II and all other wars. He dropped The Bomb on Hiroshima and he flew aircraft into the World Trade Centers. This man is known as The Troop.

The Troop kills. The Troop is not necessarily strong or intelligent, although he can be both. The Troop has no conscience, or if he does have one, he does not use it. The Troop believes. Facts that contradict The Troop’s beliefs are considered false by definition. The Troop has a weakness for sociopathic monsters. The Troop follows orders and has never heard an order he will not try to obey. The Troop dominates, and uses force to ensure that others cannot do as they please. The Troop works for money. The Troop finds what he does to be glorious.

The Troop is self-replicating. His actions lead to the creation of other Troops. The Troop obeys the laws of physics. For every Troop there is an equal and opposite Troop. In spite of his penchant for violence, The Troop needs lots of support. He is particularly bolstered by unconditional praise and small tokens of gratitude from anyone, including people who do not know him or anything specifically he has done. The Troop is parasitic. He lives off the sweat of taxpayers.

On some possible future night, when there is a knock on your door and a man in a uniform holds a gun to your head and demands your computer, that man will be a Troop. If someone destroys your home with a bulldozer, or your village with artillery and missiles, that someone will be a Troop. When people die in a drone strike in a far away land, a Troop pulled the trigger. When prisoners are tortured, a Troop attached the electrodes to the testicles and flipped the switch. When your freedom is gone, The Troop will be the enforcer. If you are killed for resisting, The Troop will be the killer.

Like Zombies, Troops start out as normal people. But Troops are real-life. As horrible as it may seem, your son or daughter, or your best friend might become a Troop. To prevent this from happening, it is best to get to Troops while they are still normal people. That is when they are most open to reason. One must be vigilant. Almost any normal person between the ages of 18 and 35 can become a Troop. The initial warning signs can start much earlier.

To be successful in stopping Troops, it is important to know what things can cause a normal person to become a Troop. Sociopathic monsters, who are often found in high governmental positions, need Troops to be their henchmen. For this reason, they use the resources of government to attempt to turn normal people into Troops. Government advertising makes becoming a Troop sound lucrative and adventurous and glorious. The government will claim to provide valuable training to normal people that become Troops, and also claim that becoming a Troop will give one discipline and direction.

Let your loved one know that the government propaganda they hear is, after all, produced by sociopathic monsters. Given them real-life examples such as, Waco, Texas or Tiananmen Square, or the occupied West Bank to prove your point. Point out the remarkably small percentage of high ranking politician’s children who are Troops.

A person who is looking for glory or adventure is at risk of becoming a Troop. If your child or friend is looking for glory or adventure, talk to them. Let them know that it is not glorious to be a henchman for a sociopathic monster. Offer to go on a camping trip to an underdeveloped country with them. Get flying or sailing lessons for them. Explain to them that these things can be done without the need for killing other people.

If your loved one needs discipline or direction, show them how to polish their shoes. Have them do some pushups. Have them sleep on a cot. Show them that one does not have to join the armed forces to do these things, and that with a little imagination; they might get discipline and direction by doing something entirely different like attending college or learning a trade.
Your loved one might be looking for camaraderie. Don’t be afraid to show them the love you have for them. Do things together. Demonstrate how fulfilling it is to spend time with one’s family and friends. Remind them that you love them and want them to remain close to you and safe, and not in some faraway place killing or getting killed.

Money is probably the most common reason a normal person becomes a Troop. A man has to survive and provide for his or her family by whatever means is necessary. This is where the government, with its virtually unlimited financial resources, has leverage. Talk to your loved one about self-respect and self-reliance. Assure them that as friends or family you will stick together and ensure each other’s well-being. Explain to them that someone with the motivation and the willingness to sacrifice that they have demonstrated will find a way to provide for themselves and their family, and that they won’t have to sacrifice their morals or self-respect to do it.

The task is not easy, but working together, the people of our world can cure Troopism in our lifetime. With love and perseverance we can prevail. As the number of Troops worldwide decreases, so will the incidence and extent of war. Sociopathic monsters will still exist, but they will be impotent and easily managed by traditional law enforcement. Ultimately, a world without troops would truly be a world without war. In that glorious day, together we will have stopped the most dangerous man in the world.

David Wiggins is a practicing physician, Libertarian, and anti-war advocate There is more about him here on his personal web site.