Comment on LA in The Guardian, 6th June 2006

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The Guardian Diary,

At the end of a week that witnessed at least 15 serious stabbings, a characteristically helpful contribution to the debate on knife crime from Dr Sean Gabb, head of radical free-market "policy institute" the Libertarian Alliance. "Laws against carrying knives in public are an infringement of our liberties and a waste of police time," opines the good doc. "Those who commit assaults are no more likely to obey them than they are to wash their hands after using the toilet." The only way to "clear away the human trash who infest our streets", Gabb continues charitably, is "to get back to the sane legal climate of the Victorian era" when self-defence was "expected", preferably with the use of "lethal force". Why, we ask, do we hear so little from this remarkable man?