Libertarian Alliance Case aganst ID Cards, M2 Newswire, 13th February 1995

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February 13, 1995


In the immediate term, the introduction of identity cards will produce mass protests that dwarf the anti-Poll Tax Campaign. In the long term, it will transform this country into a totalitarian surveillance state.

 So claims Sean Gabb, in his new pamphlet "A Libertarian Conservative Case Against Identity Cards", published today by the LibertarianAlliance.

 Topics covered by Mr Gabb include:

 *     How identity cards made the Jews of Central Europe so easy to find

 *     How identity cards enabled the massacres in Rwanda

 *     How the lifestyle campaigns and the "War on Drugs" are letting the authorities assemble electronic filing cabinets on everyone in the country

 *     How digital technology will turn identity cards into portable keys to every one of these filing cabinets 

 *     How these trends seriously threaten all future progress, social, commercial and scientific

 This is the newest and most comprehensive discussion of the case against identity cards in this country. It is more than 30,000 words long, and contains nearly 10,000 words of detailed notes and references. No one who is opposed to identity cards - no one, indeed, who is interested in the forthcoming debate on the Howard proposals - can afford to be without this pamphlet.

 The pamphlet may be obtained free of charge via e-mail: send a message to Alternatively, printed copies are available at Pounds 2.40 from the LibertarianAlliance(use order form below).

 Sean Gabb is a lecturer in Politics at Goldsmiths' College in London. He is also the editor of "Free Life", the quarterly journal of the LibertarianAlliance.