Keir Martland

Keir Martland (Director of Youth Affairs) is an A-level student in the north west of England - studying History, Philosophy, Economics, and Maths - who identifies as an anarcho-capitalist. He has been writing for various libertarian and conservative blogs since 2012 and began submitting pieces to the Libertarian Alliance blog in 2013.

Keir is a former Conservative Future Secretary, but resigned his membership after four years and has since become rather more cynical about politics. While a page editor at the UK-based webzine 'The Libertarian', he conducted a series of text-based interviews of leading libertarians including Stephen Davies and Stephan Kinsella, but the site has been down for some time and so the interviews may be lost irretrievably.

Outside of libertarianism, he is a Christian, a bibliophile, and holds Grade 5 in piano practice.